Wonderful Wonderstone

Wonderful Wonderstone

With only a week left here in Nevada, I couldn’t picture leaving without a last trip to my favorite wonderstone sites.  Because, ya know, you can never have too many rocks to haul when you move.   So on one of the first sunny and actually warm days in months I headed out for a day on the rocks.  While my present camera isn’t the best, I did get some pics that will give you an idea of what’s out there.

Part of a good day out.

When I got to the publicized site, I was amazed to see the traffic.  The first time I ever went to the location mine was the only rig there.  And so it was all that year.  This time I just shook my head and passed by all those people at the main site and traveled out further where the rock is colorful, but not the pink and yellow of the one I would go back to later that afternoon.  I was out to get some of all of it.  And I did.

With just a few days left until I head out for Oregon, and a few strength limitations, I was cautious about picking up the boulders I wanted.  If I’d had a jackhammer with me, I could have taken half a hill of beautiful stone.  As things were – I picked up only one actually too big to carry stones. The rest were of varying sizes.  From 3 fist sized to a few just small stones with nice banding.

At my first stop the stones were pretty vivid.

The second site I visited had the pink and yellow stone that the place is known for.

And of course the boulder. I had fun getting this thing back to the rig. Trust me on that one. I’ve carried heavier, but this was a struggle. It’s pretty thick and I’m turning into a little bit of a whimp.  Still – this is the one I HAD to have.

Looking forward to showing a few of these rocks after they’re cut.

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Wonderstone

  1. Hey there! I was wondering if you have any information about how to get to the blue opal thunderegg locale you’ve previously gone to by Succor creek. My dad and I are going to the area this summer and he went there with his dad when he was a kid but he doesn’t remember the area very well and I’m hoping to surprise him by going there. I’d appreciate the help! Thanks!


  2. Hi!
    We are from Detroit, on a once in a lifetime trip to Lake Tahoe! We love rockhounding and wonder if you could guide us to any good spots in the area! We LOVED your May 4th post!!! Your collection is Marvelous!!! They almost look like cloudy agates from Lake Superior.

  3. Hi folks. I’m sorry but it’s against this site’s rules to give site information online.
    As for the blue opal digg – that has been shut down to the public………which is one of the reasons we don’t give site information online anymore.

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