Upcoming Gem and Fossil Show – Colorado

Upcoming Gem and Fossil Show – Colorado

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Nevada Rocks

Nevada Rocks

Nevada made a perfect trip for me as I was starting to foam at the mouth for some rock hunting fun, yet needed some easy hunting while I recuperate.  There’s a few spots I know that I can drive up to the rocks and hunt without having to walk or carry anything too far.  My special thanks to the guys for carrying my pack for me.  I’d have not gotten nearly the special stash I did without just a little help from friends.

There were two spots I rock hunted that had the rocks that I’ve been wanting for some of my crafting.  Those were Fernley for green jasper, and Lovelock for opalized petrified wood.

Fernley Green Jasper:

This jasper runs from light to a dark pine green.  Much of it is hard enough for lapidary, however, some is a little glassy to cut easily.

This one is mossy up close.  This one is for slabbing.

I like the dark greens the best.

A lot of the color mix is just surface and do not run throughout the rock.

Lovelock Opalized Wood

Much of this wood is too glassy for lapidary and breaks easily.  I use it for crafts and displays…….however, there are pieces that are perfect for cabbing, too.  It’s so beautiful, that sometimes display is all someone would even want to do with it.

I sure hope to get back to Nevada again this summer.  There’s just so many places to hunt, and such beautiful material.

Guide for New Metal Detectors

Guide for New Metal Detectors

It’s finally season for those of us who love to be outdoors hunting down our favorite treasures.  For newbies, these activities can be pretty frustrating.

Fortunately for you metal detecting newbies, Clive from Hobbyhelp.com feels your pain and has put together a guide that will help you get through those beginners confusions.

You can find that right here:

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Metal Detecting

Thanks, Clive.  I’m thinking you might just have saved some treasure hounds a lot of problems this season.