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Month: November 2009



It’s been a crazy year folks.  But we’re back online now – all new, shiny, and ready to rock.

For any of you who used to be members before the crash, the forums and photo gallery are back online, too, and some of our old pals are already back and waiting for the rest of you.  In fact a few of us already have a spring trip already in the planning, so you have a lot to catch up on.  We’ve got members coming in from all over so come on in.  You might just meet a great rock hunting pal here. I have – lots of them.

Now if ya hit the front page of the forum you’ve already seen that we have our first annual calendar out for 2010.  This year we can thank current members for the awesome pictures.  Around June there will be a contest to decide the 2011 pics so members need to start getting their best specimens ever dug up and ready for the show down.  Details will be online when the time for the contest gets near.

You can find that calendar right HERE

And of course, last but by far not the least – the photo gallery is online again, too, and there are members in there already stocking it with pics that will make you want to drop everything except a snow shovel and get back out into the fields.  Of course, for those of us up here in the North about all we can do is talk about that one for awhile, but you in the South have your chance to make us sick about the weather for a few months.  Don’t be too harsh – spring isn’t that far off and pabacks are……..well, you know.

I’d like to make mention of our site vendors – and who are bringing you all  the rockhound and jewerly making equipment and supplies you need to keep your hobbies, crafts and businesses running smoothly.  And just to keep  the FTC  cozy and warm – yes, we do get small commissions to help support RHS1.

Once you get your own rocks and products to sell,  you can stop by at and put those beauties online for sale – you’ll find em on the right side of the front page as always.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the RHS1 Connector newsletter is also back up and in full swing.  This month you’ll find a free ebook to download about Lake Superior Agates from John Marshall.  He really put together an awesome piece of work there and you are just missing out if you don’t grab a copy.  Free is one heck of a good price, especially for a work this well done.  (Don’t worry if you hate to read, the pictures are quite enough to tide you over!).

You can find that newsletter right HERE

Well, for now I think that’s about it.  Looking forward to seeing you all back in the forums again.  Keep your eye on the Gazette, too, though – ya never know what we’ll be talking about here.

Until next time……

Life’s Short Rock Hard