Guide for New Metal Detectors

Guide for New Metal Detectors

It’s finally season for those of us who love to be outdoors hunting down our favorite treasures.  For newbies, these activities can be pretty frustrating.

Fortunately for you metal detecting newbies, Clive from feels your pain and has put together a guide that will help you get through those beginners confusions.

You can find that right here:

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Metal Detecting

Thanks, Clive.  I’m thinking you might just have saved some treasure hounds a lot of problems this season.

One thought on “Guide for New Metal Detectors

  1. Ha! My son has become very enthusiastic about metal detecting. He goes in the back yard and has unearthed about 20 rusty nails, one penny (1980-ish), and a few random other bits of rusty metal (fence, piece of a windchime, and unidentified). He really wants to find some “real treasure” so I guess he’ll just have to keep looking. 🙂

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