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Month: February 2013

Tips on Photographing Rocks

Tips on Photographing Rocks

So after looking at a few of the pics in here I figured that some members would like some tips on photography.  LMAO (oh quiet down, guys – I HAD to do it ;D)

Brooks from has always had some absolutely awesome rock pics and I thought he was a pro so asked him for some advice on how to take the best rock pics.

Well, he answered that he’s not a pro (and I still beg to differ) but he did tell me how he gets the best pics.  Here’s what he told me:

……You know, I’m totally just an amateur photographer.  My only tip would be to use a white light rather than a yellow light, use a tripod to avoid blurry pictures, and ensure your camera is set on the appropriate setting for close-up pictures…….

Well, Brooks might not be an real life actual credentialed pro, but he takes an awesome picture – so this method is good advice for anyone taking pics of their finds.

Thanks Brooks.

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