NJ Rockhounds Got a Specimen You Can’t Identify?

NJ Rockhounds Got a Specimen You Can’t Identify?


If you have a puzzling specimen sitting on the shelf that you just can’t identify or have other questions about mineral identification, you really don’t want to miss the 42nd annual open house at The Geology Museum at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, on January 30th.

At the open house people can have their own samples professionally examined.  There will also be a mineral sale for those looking to add some great material to their own collections, as well as hands-on geology activities for children.

Along with the rock and mineral identification program, earth science presentations include:

Earthquake Detection for the Citizen Seismologist 3:00 pm

Madagascar’s Buried Treasure: Dinosaur and other Vertabrate Fossils from the Land that Time Forgot 2:00 pm

Paleoclimatic Framework of Human Evolution: Examples from Olduvia Gorge 11:00 am

Monitoring our Ocean Planet: The Scarlet Knights Trans-Atlantic Challenge 10:00 am

Saturday, Jan. 30, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Geology Museum at Rutgers

The State University of New Jersey

Scott Hall

43 College Avenue

New Brunswick presentations in room 123

mineral sale in room 135

hands-on children’s activities in room 115.

Additional presentations in Geology Hall

85 Somerset Street

New Brunswick

rock and mineral identification, children’s activities in Geology Museum, 2nd floor

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