Lewiston, Idaho Garnets?

Lewiston, Idaho Garnets?

Idaho Rockhounds, can any of you solve this question for us?

I was reading a field guide for rockhounds one day – sorry, I don’t remember the name of it – but it said that there is an occurrence of garnets around 10 miles East of Lewiston along the river.  Nobody seems at this point to be able to disclose whether there is actually garnets anywhere in that area other than that some can be panned from the river.  This information also leaves us to wonder whether there are GOOD garnets coming from the river.  For those who plan to be in that area, or go to that area, it would be very helpful if someone out there that knows anything about the area could stop by and give us a heads up.

I’d like to note that I am wondering a tad whether someone was thinking of  beautiful star garnets and just mistakenly jotted down the wrong area for finding those treasures.

We here at RHS1 would sure appreciate any information that anyone could offer in this perplexing issue.

Thanks all.

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