After the Meet-Up – West of the Owyhee Reservoir Trip Report

After the Meet-Up – West of the Owyhee Reservoir Trip Report

Having a few days to spare after the Succor creek meet-up, I spent that Monday West of Lake Owyhee (also known as Owyhee Reservoir).   It was hot and sunny and  a beautiful day for it.

The scenery is much the same there as it is in the Succor creek region – rolling sage covered hills with frequent rock outcrops and ledges.

My fear, after checking some of my old hunting spots during the meet, was that my favorite hunting area for plume agate would be hunted out.  I got a very pleasant surprise when I found that it had remained, or at least looked, untouched after all these years.

I found several nice – and very large – plume agates almost immediately when I parked and got out of the rig. A few of these were even better than I had found before because I could see they were plume without having to guess as I had to with the ones I picked up last time — and they were bigger!

Many of you from the forum are familiar with this picture of the last plumes I had cut.  This is what I went back after this time:

Owyhee yellow plume

Here’s a pic of a few of the agates I picked up this time around.

This pic is for a size reference for the stones I was picking up.

Owyhee Plume Agate

Below are the close ups.

These two agates are very obviously brown and yellow plume (obvious at least when you are right here holding them).

Owyhee plume1

Owyhee plume2

This next one looks like it will be mostly  white plume when cut – there is a little yellow/brown showing though.  Should make awesome slabs.

Owyhee wiite plume

Here’s another that should be a splendid mix of white and yellow plumes.

Owyhee Plume agate4

After seeing some of my favorite hunting spots wiped out – these agates were such a welcome sight.  I was able to visit my pink plume spot briefly but it was getting late and I was tired and had another tire issue to attend.  I did pick up one relatively close to the size of these, but maybe a little too milky to be really wonderful when cut despite the pink tint here and there. Unfortunately,  I had to head out and didn’t get much time to look around.

I was disappointed to have to forgo the areas I still wanted to hunt a few miles further west – Apache tears, crystals, wood, etc.  but very heartened after finding these agates that I will be able to go there next time and still have a great hunt ahead of me.  So for all of you who were too tired to stay for the hunt Monday, or just didn’t have any more time……..there’s still area out there for us to get together again and hunt!

2 thoughts on “After the Meet-Up – West of the Owyhee Reservoir Trip Report

  1. Glad your spot hasn’t been trashed.

    Somebody started using a backhoe on mine, so I’m going to have to find a new “untouched” spot.

    I can understand the tire issue after last Tuesday. I will now carry two spares.

    1. I think that’s what happened out at Glass Butte, too. I used to go out there and be walking on ribbons of obsidian – then twelve years later I went back and thought I was in the wrong place…… was all gone.

      Tires can be challenging if you’re hunting in the NW deserts.

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