RHS1 Connector – July 2005

RHS1 Connector – July 2005

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Metaphysics and History of Minerals: Opal



The largest gold nugget ever found, the Holterman Nugget,  weighed approximately 472.5 pounds.  It was found in Australia in 1872.  At today’s gold prices of around $425.00 dollars per ounce, that is $3,213,000.00 dollars!  Any members have a dredge I can borrow?


You may all have seen or found a 1943 steel penny?  It is plated with zinc and has a silver rather than copper look to it.  I have seen people get very excited about them when they find one, thinking they will be valuable someday.  They do go for up to $1.00 at the time.  If you are out hunting and find a 1943 penny and it’s only a copper penny, it’s not a matter to be disappointed about however.  The 1943 copper penny is considered rare and sells for between $20,000.00 and $95,000.00 depending on the quality.  You can tell if you have found the right penny because it will not stick to a magnet.  Happy hunting.


If you are concerned about the state of our rapidly disappearing rain forests, you can help save this land at The Rainforest Site just by clicking daily.
Go to: http://www.therainforestsite.com
You will see the button to click to save land.  You can click once per day.  Money from each gift item purchased at the site also is donated to help the cause. You may want to add this site to  your favorites.


The new site is progressing fabulously.  Not only will it look better, it will run better and have more features for you and visitors to enjoy.  You may want to start getting your pictures or your club’s pictures ready to display in the photo gallery.  While only members will be able to post pictures, visitors to the site will be free to browse through the gallery.  Please do take note when posting pictures that members, not Rockhoundstation1,  are responsible for honoring copywrite laws on pictures posted.  Have fun, but keep it honest, please.   We hope to have this new site up and running very soon and are sorry for the wait, but after the experience with the last site we are fully dedicated to getting it right for you.


If any of you are planning to travel to Michigan this summer you might have a treat in store for you.  There is a fossil commonly found in Michigan called the Petosky stone. The fossilized  coral is hard limestone,  has a snakeskin like look to it,  and is absolutely gorgeous when polished.  It can be found along the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and in gravel pits in areas from Tawas to Alpena.  Those found water polished usually have stronger patterns than those found inland but the patterns are distinct enough that wherever you find it, you will know what you have found immediately.  The Petosky stone is truly an exciting addition to any collection.




Birthstone: October/also Tourmaline
Zodialogical Birthstone: Aquarius
Lucky charm:  Libra

Opal is a silicate stone with an internal stucture containing hydrous anhydride silicate which causes spectacular flashes of color throughout the stone.   They come in an array of colors with white, blue, and black being the most well known.  The value of the opal is determined mostly by the play of colors in the stone.

The flashing play of colors will fade and the stone will become brittle if allowed to dry out.  Stones should be periodically soaked in oil or water to prevent drying and breaking.  It is given as a gift as a symbol of hope, truth, and happiness.

Opals have long been an admired stone.  Artifacts made of opal have been found in Africa dating back 5,000 years.  In ancient Eastern cultures opals were considered sacred.  In ancient India the stone was called “upala” which is “precious stone” in Sanskrit.  Romans called the stone “opalus” and believed that the stone gave the owner foresight and the power of prophecy. Some believed that they could render the wearer invisible.   Ancient Arabs thought that they fell from lightning.  The crown of the Holy Roman Emporer contained opal as do the crowned jewels of France.  During the 19th century superstition arose that held opals to be unlucky and some today still have superstitious feelings against opals.

Metaphysically Opals are a stone of energy and emotion.  They have the ability to absorb, reflect, amplify, and disperse energies and feelings. Opals are associated with the brow and crown chakara.  Foresight and visionary abilities are enhanced by wearing the gemstone.  They can intensify emotions or clarify those that are hidden, both those of others and your own.

Usually the opal is not used in the same means as crystals in healing and strengthening but are basically woren for their benefits.  Black opals are charished and  used in rituals by witches and magicians to intensify their mental powers and their magical potency, and to increase energy.  Black opals are considered extremely lucky.  They ward off the “evil eye” and protect travelers when set in gold and worn in necklaces.  Opals set with diamonds are thought to draw money.  Dreaming of opals is said to portent the receipt of possessions.

The exact scope of the stone’s power is directly related to the color of the stone. White opals balance energies, mental powers and states, and emotions while fire opals intensify them. Black opals, the lucky stone will bring positve flows to energies, thoughts, and emotion as well as strengthen powers of prophecy.

The general rule for wearing opals is if it doesn’t “feel” right or good, don’t wear them.