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Meet the RHS1 Members: Quartzite Rock and Gem Show Vendors

Meet the RHS1 Members: Quartzite Rock and Gem Show Vendors

If you’ve been keeping up with the RHS1 forum, you’re pretty much familiar with the consensus that our members are just loads of fun and chocked full of great info.  Well, we are.  We just really are.

It’s not always easy for people to get to our meetups to share in the revelry, though.   So…….

I thought you might like to know of a few RHS1 members that have booths at the Quartzite Rock and Gem show this year, so if you’re headed in that direction and have always wanted to meet some of the RHS1 forum members live and personal – now is your chance.

Tony Funk (RHS1 member catmandewe) not only entertains us with his wit and hilarious antics, he’s also a treasure chest of information about everything from rock ID and hunting to lapidary arts.  I know when I have questions, Tony is my favorite go-to guy in the pack. You can meet Tony live and personal with a good size portion of his tons (literally) of great rocks at Quartzite.

Tony’s location at the show is:

Desert Gardens AB22

right next to the Desert Gardens building.

He’s supplied me a pic of his space so you’ll know what you’re looking for:

Tony's (RHS1 member: catmandewe) display.

Another member we have at the show this year is Mike Quinn (RHS1 member MikeyRocks).  Mike’s a terrific guy with a great sense of humor and a head full of knowledge about rock and lapidary he’s just waiting to spill.   He’s also got some pretty impressive piles of rock and supplies for ya this year.  Mike’s been away from the forum trying to catch up on a lot of life before the show so I don’t have a pic for you at this time – but I’ve got his location there.

Mike’s  is running 2 booths, one  at Desert Gardens: space H14

and one over by Rice Ranch which is more of a working booth.

Of course, while you are hanging out with these two – don’t forget that there may just be other RHS1 members hanging around with them as well that you might be able to entice to head out on a hunt with while you are there!

I’ll update this notice if anyone has information or pics for me to add.