More Central Oregon Green Wood

More Central Oregon Green Wood

So, with a toe that’s  either jammed or broken, I wandered back out to the green wood area I found (on last post here) to do more exploring.

It’s a pretty fun area and had my foot been not so mashed up I would have gotten a little further, but I did find areas that the wood is higher quality than others.  A lot of it is highly agatized.   Anyway, since I’ve got some people lined up to go out with me next time, I thought I’d show a few more pics of what they’ll be looking at when we get there.

Here’s a shot of the varied colors and shades of green of the wood.  Some goes toward turquoise and other to dark green.  Of course, you get some brownish wood, too, but a lot of that has streaks of green in it.

Central Oregon Green Petrified Wood

I’ve found that the turquoise is beautiful, but doesn’t seem to be as hard as the darker greens – it’s still just outrageous looking and will make great display specimens.

I got a shot here of a few pieces at an angle that shows the limbcast nature of some of the wood.  Very woody on the outside – agate on the inside.

View 1 green wood

Here’s a few shots of a fairly large chunk I found that I’m just really excited about getting cut pretty soon.  It’s one of my favorites from the area so far.

This piece is about 9″ long and almost 6″ wide at the widest point.  The bark is mostly brown but does have a few spots of green in it – the inside is the prize on this one though.

The bark side:

Bark side view

The side parallel to the bark:

along the wood grain

Here’s a shot of the end as if you were looking down on a stump.   I might have to take a slice off this end, too.  It looks interesting, but not as pretty as the wood grain side. That can change fast with a cut slab, though.  What to do, what to do.

End view

The colors of the agate in  a lot of these specimens are spectacular.   Some of them are seemingly random spots of color and some have the wood banding:

The ones with pink seem to be more randomly colored.  I had one of these type specimens posted in my last article.  These with pink seem a bit rare, but I am hoping to find more underground.   My toe kept me from doing any digging last time out.  I more or less just hobbled around to find the size of the wood area and which spots had the best wood.  Hopefully, when I go back out my foot will be okay for a bit of digging – either that or I’ll have some reinforcements with me to help out.

The specimens with red and green seem to have a more wood band look in the agate:

More color. Wow.

This next one I found at the last place I explored so I didn’t get much time to really get into the area well.  The purple was a complete surprise to me though, and I’m looking forward to the possibility of finding more of this color combo.

And purple!

Next week I’ll be sending a box to Dean for cutting.  It includes a few specimens of very green wood that is a medium hardness to see how it cuts.   Some there is no question that it will – some no question that it won’t.  It will be good to find out where the line is on what I”m bringing home.

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